Data Analyst.


About Me

I am a software engineer, researcher, and designer who is excited by the iterative process of learning and excited about creating scalable digital solutions. My product management experience inspires my design thinking and programming to create human-centered products in a collaborative environment. My background as a researcher and data analyst help me understand problems, identify opportunities, and draw data-driven insights.


Full-stack development: Python, Flask, PostgreSQL, TypeScript, React, NextJS, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Node, Express, Mongoose, MongoDB

Other tools used for development and testing: GoogleCloudPlatform, CircleCI, Datadog, Cypress, pytest, msw, react-testing-library, AWS s3, git

Data analytics & product management: Atlassian (Jira and Confluence), Figma, Python, SQL, Snowflake, Looker, Google Datastudio, Jupyter Notebook, HEAP analytics, Logrocket

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